Ag on Tap with Sabrina and Rusty Halvorson


October 13, 2020

We learn all about alpacas and why they are great for yarn in today's show. Our guest this week is Jessie Monson from Ten Seven Acres. 


Pictured are Dirk and Jesse Monson with one of their alpacas. 

It’s Pumpkin Season!

It’s Pumpkin Season!

October 6, 2020

We almost labeled this one as comedy. Today, pumpkin grower John Ackerman of Ackerman Family Farms tells us about pumpkin farming and agritourism, and helps us with our pumpkin growing woes. He also has a great tip for great Jack-o-Lanterns, and even gives Rusty a little marriage advice. 

We mention some pictures of our pumpkin growing attempts over the last couple of years. Click here to see the album. 


Ag on Tap - All about bison

Ag on Tap - All about bison

September 28, 2020

In this inaugural episode of Ag on Tap, Sabrina and Rusty talk to Dave Carter, Executive Director of the National Bison Association. Hear about CFAP2, bison consumption in the U.S. and other countries, research, conservation, and a couple of fun experiences with bison up close. 

(Here's a picture Rusty probably doesn't want shared.)




Photos by Sabrina


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